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Brief Introduction

    Zhejiang Shine Patent Office was established in 1997. We provides patent and trademark agency service for countries like the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Portugal, and Spain etc. Agency for intellectual property lawsuit is provided to global famous companies including Royal Dutch Philips Electronics Ltd, American Slam Company, Honeywell International, Sweden IRO, German Hansgrohe AG, Sony, Honda, Shimano, LG. Such lawsuits are for times listed in Chinese Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawsuits and Zhejiang Province Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawsuits. With representation in litigations broadcast as typical ones, we are highly recommended for excellent professional quality and outstanding expression.


    Team of Shine ® comprises of Zhejiang Shine Patent & Trademark Office, Zhejiang Shine Law Firm. The team combines its advantages in the fields of patent (trademark) and law, and provides comprehensive service in relation to intellectual property for registration application, Reexamination, invalidation, process monitoring, litigation for right safeguard etc. 


——First-class hardware: Shine is located in central part of Qianjiang CBD of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, and has office at 34th floor of A-class office building Wining International Building.

——Outstanding software: Shine team was initiated by senior lawyers, patent agents and senior engineers. Its principle members have working experience in Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Office and People’s Court and other reputed enterprises, and are appraised by excellent Chinese talents of national patent agency; it includes around 40 practitioners and professionals covering fields like machinery, chemical engineering, electronics, communication, food, medicine and biology, able to provide overall service for patent. We were engaged in writing and editing patent textbook of the State Intellectual Property Office.


——Brilliant Achievements: In last 17 years, Shine® provided excellent agency service for 3000 clients in 60,000 cases related to patent application, infringement, reexamination for invalidation trademark application, software registration, copyright protection or business secret, indicating our practically professional skill and ability.   

Therefore, Shine®, as a leader in the profession, offers and satisfies clients with better service.