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Shine Advantage

High Quality Agency

Shine ® is capable of providing high quality agency service by attaching importance to clear protection range required by claims and improvement of technical value and business function of the invention. The team makes Shine® a well known brand with diligent work satisfying demanding requirements.


Excellent Achievements in Litigation

With well understanding on intellectual property laws about patent, trademark, copyright etc. and good knowledge about judicial proceedings, Shine ® skillfully uses its professional knowledge in lawsuit, good at those about infringement, invalidation, and reexamination of patent, as well as about oppositions, review and litigation of trademark. Decades of cases are listed in the typical cases collection of The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China, Zhejiang Provincial High People's Court and relevant intermediate people's courts.

Many representations in infringement cases were broadcast as a typical one, we are highly recommended for excellent professional quality and expression.


Seamless Service

Patent agent personnel directly communicate with the client (inventor) through site investigation, face to face talk, telephone call, email etc., for the purpose of providing best protection for client’s rights and interests. 


Overall Service

Overall service of Shine ® includes analysis for early warning, searching, preparation of application documents, dealing with affairs about investigation, reexamination for invalid patent, litigation for right protection and patent term monitoring. We always take an advantage in the lawsuit, which effectively improves security and trust.     


Reliable Professional Tea

Shine ® has 40 practitioners and professionals. The principle members are practicing all the time in Shine® with good professional ethics and in compliance with requirements of business secret. We provide careful service to each client and perform revisit in right time, enabling smooth and easy communication. 


Strict Management

Based EAC recommended by SIPO integrated by self-own patented document management software, Shine ® provides services like patent term monitoring, expenses notice, renewal fee notice, transferring documents, and consultation for right protection etc. Important notice and correspondence are sent to clients by digital or written form; multi-step monitoring is provided for document and process management for strictness.


Profound Professional Knowledge

Shine ® has excellent theory knowledge and expression skills, and used to take part in the edit (writing) of patent textbook of the State Intellectual Property Office. Additionally, successful cases of Shine ® are collected in <Comments on Intellectual Property Lawsuits100 Chinese Typical Cases of Intellectual PropertySelected New-Type Cases under Civil and Commercial Law etc.

Due to real professional abilities, Shine ® has provided over 100 training programs and lectures for industry associations, universities, research institutions, listed companies and enterprises with patent, and is popular for outstanding professional quality and excellent expression skills.