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Shine® Defeated US 3M in Foreign Patent Lawsuit

2014-08-21 Read:1236 Times

With 4 years of effort, Shine® defeated Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M), one of top 500 companies of the world in the litigation representing Zhejiang Daoming Investment Company. Shine® won the appeal and Beijing Municipal People’s High Court abrogated the judgment of first instance which adopted “invention patent of 3M is valid” together with Reexamination Decision No.15959 of Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO. The judgment of Beijing Municipal People’s High Court also confirmed that the patent right claimed didn’t have creativity, which made Daoming turn the table.        

With details of about 10,000 words, Shine® elaborately stated problems in the patent concerned, judgment of first instance and the Reexamination Decision, besides, it made specific and pointed defense against 4 attorneys of the other party at court, which represented high standard of professionalism of Shine®.