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Practice Service

●  patent application (preparing patent application documents for invention, utility model and design, and providing service in entire subsequent review producers)

●  service for patent reexamination and invalidation

●  application for foreign patent and PCT application.    

●  service for judicial action and administrative adjudication (disposal) about patent infringement and patent right  verification  

●  administrative settlement for patent infringement dispute

●  monitoring of patent term (notice and annual fee withholding)

●  alteration of INID

●  issuance of legal opinion and patent warning (evaluation and analysis) for patent infringement

●  providing legal opinion for patent validity

●  providing legal opinion about patent laws

●  patent management

●  Prior art search and patentability analysis

●  customs registration of patent

●  patent transaction (transference and license)

●  patent strategy planning

●  patent development

●  patent assessment

●  translation of patent documents

●  other relevant service in patent