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We deal with all issues pertaining to intellectual property, such as
Application, nullity action, infringement and litigation in patent field;
Register application, nullity action, infringement and litigation in trade mark field;
Custom registration;
And Trade secret, etc.

We surely believe that Shine is leading this industry!
Zhejiang Shine Patent Office was founded in 1997. It is located in Hangzhou, which is in the Yangtze River Delta where the economy is the most developed, the scenery is beautiful and the city is the most rich and competitive city in all of China. Shine is an agency approved by the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C to deal with foreign business and the exclusive permanent membership of All China Patent Agent Associates and the patent office titled with Zhejiang.
Along with the swift growth of patent cases, trademark and intellectual property lawsuits; Shine is growing into a specializing in lawsuit and famous intellectual property office that is booming in China. Shine has established and upheld good relationships with many first-class foreign law firms in Europe and America; it provides sincerely high quality and effective service concerning foreign-related patents and trademarks.
Zhejiang Shine Patent Office and Hangzhou Shine Trademark Office have a working team full of youthful spirity, which consists of 25 experienced lawyers, patent attorneys and professionals. The majority of the staff used to work in the Zhejiang Intellectual Property Bureau or People¡¯s Court, so their working level is high and they are very capable at solving problems. Shine has settled numerous cases of rights infringement, nullity rehearings, trademark register, copyright, trade secret, and records filing of China Governing Customs protection of intellectual property as well as the cases of illegal competition for their clients. Shine provides a series of one-stop services covering filing applications, rehearings, nullity, right protection cases, rights infringement, training and forming schemes. Shine is capable of settling all issues pertaining to intellectual property.
Outstanding performance, a well-known brand, reliability and a reasonable price are the basic essential elements when choosing a patent attorney¡ªwe are capable of providing such services with our expert quality and level of professionalism.
Shine have created outstanding performances in settling lawsuits in the Patent Rehearing Committee and the High (Intermediate) People¡¯s Court in Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Yunnan and Xinjiang as well as in the Intermediate People¡¯s Court in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou and Jinhua. The more than 800 intellectual property cases we have settled covered such world famous companies as the Royal Philip company from the Netherlands; Slam and Honeywell from America; IRO company from Sweden, Hans£­Georg from Germany and Panasonic, Honda and SHIMANO from Japan. We have won many cases with targets of over RMB 10 million and altered multiple decisions of the Patent Rehearing Committee via administrative prosecution. Many of these typical cases have been listed in the ¡°Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases in China¡± and ¡°Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases in Zhejiang¡±. For details, see the ¡°successful cases¡± link in our website.
We provide the services recognized and accepted by the public!

Our advantages:
¡öExcellent quality service

Our team can provide excellent services and has good vocational ethics. They are enthusiastic and responsible for their business, uphold clients¡¯ confidentiality and are skilled in searching and collecting information. The patent application documents prepared by them focus mainly on defining the range of protection; every patent application document is carefully studied and written by our professionals to ensure the application quality. We receive every client coming in our office and will create an easy and harmonious atmosphere of communication.

¡öOutstanding lawsuit achievements

We are well versed in patent law, trademark, copyright and intellectual property as well as prosecuting procedures. We have built up broad relationships and impressive reputations with various sectors of society. We are capable of providing services for settling lawsuits of various patent infringements, nullity, rehearings, and disputes pertaining to trademarks, appraising and lawsuits. We have won many big intellectual property cases for our clients and our marvellous winning rate has won the trust of our clients.

¡öThe standardized management flow

We have LAN as well as stable and reliable software for file management and have set up e-files and paper files to ensure their integrity. We provide exhaustive services of period monitoring, paying, file transferring and information searching. Our standard file and flow management is second to none.

¡öOur professional elite team

The main members of our team have studied the pertinent theories well and have published over 10 theses. They have written the reference books of ¡°Patent Business Book¡± and ¡°Patent Attorney Practice¡± for the State Intellectual Property Office and some sections for the teaching material of intellectual property; they have also participated in editing the works of The Selected Patent Cases, Appraising and Analyzing on the Typical Patent Cases and Practices for Sentencing the Patent Infringement. Works such as Appraising on the Intellectual Property Case, 100 Cases about Intellectual Property in China and Analysis on the New Cases of Civil and Commercial Law have listed many cases we have settled. We have delivered over 100 detailed and practical trainings and lectures in national trade associations, universities, institutes and academies, science and technology bureaus, listed companies and patent enterprises. They were applauded warmly.

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